Water Engineering Research Group


The activity of the research group of Water Engineering focuses on hydraulics, hydrology, hydraulic structures, water resources management and mitigation of the hydrogeological risk

Major Research Topics

  1. Hydraulics
    1. Numerical methods for the integration of Shallow Water Equations on irregular topographies;
    2. Mathematical  modelling of Dam Break flows; simplified methods fo the estimation of the outflow  hydrograph following dam break scenarios;
    3. Lymnology: experimental study and 3D numerical modelling of the hydrodynamics of the Lake Iseo (northern Italy);
    4. Numerical simulation of flows within porous media;
    5. Sediment transport.
  2. Hydrology
    1. Flood forecasting via meteorological and hydrological models;
    2. Climate change effects on water resources and hydropower generation;
    3. Monitoring and modelling of Alpine glaciers;
    4. Experimental and theoretical study of the hydraulic properties of soils;
    5. Statistical methods for the estimation of flood flows and heavy rainfall depths;
    6. Estimation of floods in ungauged catchments.
  3. Hydraulic Structures
    1. Urban drainage systems: probabilistic methods for the design of storage and stormwater capture tanks;
    2. Experimental evaluation of the performances of permeable pavements;
    3. Effects of Minimum Instream Flow standards on design and management of hydraulic structures;
    4. Integrated water resources management;
    5. Restoration of river beds and river banks;
    6. Flood control reservoirs;
    7. Traditional irrigation techniques in water scarcity conditions.

Major Research Project

  1. Hydrograph estimation for designing reservoirs, Research Contract by ENEL, 1999;
  2. RAPHAEL, Runoff and Atmospheric Processes for flood HAzard forEcasting and controL, European Commission - 4th Framework Programme, 10 partners (CH, D, F, CANADA). Coordinator: Prof. Baldassare Bacchi, DICATA- University of Brescia, Italy, 1998-2000;
  3. Water Monitor, Craft European Project, in cooperation with Vienna University, Scan (Wien), Dunvegan Network (England), Mesurex (Spain) and PPT (Italy), 2003 – 2004;
  4. Algorithms for  land classification with microwave monitoring, Research Contract by ASI-Italian Space Agency, 2003-2004;
  5. Study of a hydrogeological system to assist flood control in the Red River delta (China-Vietnam), funded by Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology, 2007-2008;
  6. Monitoring and Modelling of Lake Iseo hydrodynamics, Research Contract by Consorzio di Gestione Associata Lago di Iseo, Endine e Moro, 2009-2010;
  7. KULTURISK, Knowledge-based approach to develop a cULTUre of RISK prevention, European Commission - 7th Framework Programme, 11 partners (I, NL, SLO, CH, UK, EU), 2010-2013;
  8. SCISHOPS Enhancing the Responsible and Sustainable Expansion of the Science Shops Ecosystem in Europe - Funded by EU Horizon2020.